Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pine Ridge Cemetery Cannon

Eight Inch Howitzer in Pine Ridge


For over one hundred years, Soldier's Rest in Pine Ridge Cemetery has been
guarded by a cannon from the Civil War Era.  The history of that gun,
where it was used, and how it came to be where it is, has been lost to time
until recently. 


Alan Flood, a tireless researcher, gave me a copy of an article from the
Bay City Tribune from Sunday, March 9, 1902.  I quote the


          "During his second
term in Congress, the late Hon. R. O. Crump secured from the government a
cannon to be placed in "Soldier's Rest" in the Birney Cemetery, but death
ensued before he fully carried out his intentions.  The work has now been
performed and the following letter sent to the family of the Congressman:

                                                        Bay City, March 7, 1902


Shelley C. Crump

West Bay City


Dear Sir,


    The eight inch howitzer seige gun, belonging to your
father, the late Congressman R. O. Crump and presented to H. P. Merrill and U.
S. Grant Posts of the Grand Army of the Republic of Bay City has been placed
on the burial lot known as "Soldier's Rest" in the Birney Cemetery.


    Both posts passed votes of thanks to you at their last
meetings.  We wish to assure you that the vererans of the Civil War fully
appreciate your patriotic thoughtfullbness and will value this gun as a relic
and reminder of the struggle for national honor and existence in which we has
a part as Union Volunteer soldiers.




Joint Committee from the two posts.

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