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Cannon in Pershing Park at Sage Library?

The Bay City Tribune - Friday, June 21, 1907.


Congressman Loud Gets Couple From Main Battery of Old U.S. Ship Portsmouth.
Will be Brought to City and Placed in Position as Quickly as Possible.

from Bay-Journal

Not unmindful of the desires of his constituents, Congressman George A. Loud has secured for and will present to Sage Library park, on the westside, two of the main battery guns of the United States ship Portsmouth, one of the historic ships of the old navy.

These are eight-inch guns and possess historic value. When Mr. Loud secured the Hartford guns some years ago the people interested in the Sage Library put in a request for recognition and later when he obtained the Fort Sumter mortars the west side requested that one of them be placed in the Sage park, but the congressman had made the riffle for those guns for the express purpose of getting a battery of four historic guns for Battery Park, and he said he would obtain other guns for the library park. This he has done and they should and undoubtedly will be highly prized by west siders.

These guns for Pershing Park were not previously know to me.  Does anyone remember them?  They apparently came from the USS Portsmouth With the two Parrott Rifles in front of city hall from Fort Sumpter, two Mortars from Fort Sumpter as well, two columbiads from the USS Hartford in Battery Park, we have the eight guns the were removed in 1942. 

The remaining seige gun in Pine Ridge would have made nine guns in the city for almost forty years.  Only one remains now. 

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