Thursday, July 02, 2009

Making Local History


Mary Lydia Doe was a key figure in the suffrage movement in Michigan from 1880 to 1900.  She lived at 922 N. Monroe in Bay City close to May Stocking Knaggs, who had a house not more than a few blocks away. 


She, like May, was president of the Equal Suffrage Association.  She was chosen at the founding meeting in Flint in 1884. 


She was a member of the Bay City School Board  in 1890-91 when it was very unusual for a woman to hold office. She was the second vice president of the Michigan Federation of Labor.


This is only a beginning of the achievements of this remarkable woman.

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SayHiThere said...

Mary Doe is mentionned in the book Off Center as Aunt Mary Doe who lives in the Woman's Home. She continued her friendship with the Knaggs family to the end of her life.