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Death Comes to Leopard Trainer

Mrs. Dolly Hill succumbs Monday Night to Injuries Received Friday(Bay City Times-Tribune Tuesday, January 13, 1925 page 1)

After making a desperate struggle to cling to life since last Friday morning, death care to Mrs. Dolly Hill of new York City at Mercy hospital Monday evening at 11:55 as a result of injuriesreceived when she was attacked by a jungle loepard she was training in a downtiown building in which she had established winter training quarters. Her husband was with her when the end came.

Mrs. Hill, known in the circus as Dora Valiceda, had trained animals for over a quarter of a century and is said to have travelled through almost every country in the world. She was attacked by one of her animals in California several years ago. The leopard which made the attack on her last Friday was recently added to the five she has had there since last fall.

Mrs. Hill was in the large steel arena in the building when attacked. Another leopard in a smaller cage on one side of the arena was causing a disturbance and when Mrs. Hill momentarily turned her attention to quiet it, the animal sprang at her, clutching her around the throat and knocking her to the floor.

Her screams attracted Herber Craig of this city who had been employed by the woman. He unlocked the door of the arena and with the aid of a large, iron bar beat off the animal and was able to remove Mrs. Hill from the cage. Before he could notify police, he fainted. Mrs. Hill, in a serious condition, due to a loss of blood, was taken to Mercy Hospital in the police ambulance. Her arms, neck and back were injuried by the animal and her windpipe was punctured.

May 24, 1986 oral History - John C. Meagher to Sue M. David. said

Old City Hall Building

Elizabeth VandenBrooks Meagher "bought" the Saginaw Street building (part of the Andrew's estate) with her inheritance share.  It had formerly housed the City Council Chamber-City Hall.

Once W.J. Meager had rented it to someone who had kept wild animals there. 

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